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I know who made my jewellery

We all at least once in our lives have dreamed about becoming an artisan. The simpler, more wholesome life of creating beautiful things with your own hands is very appealing. Especially when you have been staring at your laptop for 8h straight and the meaning of life becomes blurry. Some of us have actually taken this dream and made it reality. Shy Seagull have found a few talented women who have abandoned the 9 to 5 lifestyle and became full-time artisans.

For example, our Sterling Silver collection is all made by just one very talented jewellery designer called Jess. She lives in Norfolk, UK with her beautiful family and makes jewellery for a living. Her designs are simple, modern and stylish. She exclusively works with recycled materials which makes her products eco-friendly and sustainable. She packs all of her deliveries in paper and carboard and her business is completely plastic-free.

We have fallen in love with her beautiful work and ideas behind her contemporary enterprise. We chose to work with small, women-owned businesses because we want to support creative people on their journey to independence and success. When you shop artisan jewellery you are making a big difference to someone's everyday life. In return to your money you're not just getting a stunning piece of art but also confidence that you have helped a woman put food on her table today. The more you support small businesses, the more unique and diverse products will be on offer. Shopping independent makes dreams come true, makes people inspired and gives them an opportunity to create for a living.

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