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Hello! My name is Anastasia and I'm the founder of Shy Seagull.  Our mission is to support eco-friendly, ethical, women-owned brands. Shy Seagull is all about beautiful yet functional pieces carefully sourced from UK and EU artisans. As well as online we also trade at Artisan Markets around Greater Manchester and on Etsy with some handmade homeware pieces. Follow us on Instagram ( @shyseagull) to find where we are next.



All of the brands that we stock are women owned. Our mission is to support talented artisans who identify as female in their artistic and business ventures. Brands that we stock use eco-friendly, sustainable materials and recyclable packaging.


Our Tarnish Free Jewellery is made in a small studio in Netherlands. We are proud to stock their pieces because they run workshops for young adults with mild intellectual disabilities to help them express their creativity. This way when you shop this collection you also contribute to positive social change.

Our Beach Inspired Collection is designed in the UK and carefully handcrafted in Bali. The artisans are paid higher wage and have sociable working hours so they can spend time with their families. Every purchase of Beach Inspired jewellery provides sustainable job creation and breaks the cycle of extreme poverty in Bali.

Sterling Silver Selection is designed and handcrafted by just one woman based in the UK. She uses sustainably sourced, recycled silver to create her stylish pieces. When you chose to shop this collection you're supporting local small business and someone's dream of being an independent artisan as a full-time job.

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